We Advocate for the Communities We Serve

CCCI seeks to shape public policy at the state level to expand access to capital and create opportunities and resources that help build equitable and inclusive communities throughout California.

In the Capitol

Representing a broad cross-section of California-based CDFIs, CCCI has quickly become a trusted voice for policymakers. Our coalition of experts working to deliver affordable housing, support small businesses, expand access to health care, safe drinking water and lsdjfklsdjf lasjdfksdjf.

In Our Communities

Our coalition is committed to supporting and expanding the work being done by CDFIs to advance racial and economic justice within the communities they serve and ensure equitable investment that addresses patterns of exclusion and disinvestment in low—income communities and communities of color.

Our Recent Work

SB 625 (Caballero and Limon)

SB 625 (Caballero and Limon) was sponsored by CCCI during the 2021-2022 legislative session.  The bill proposed to create a state CDFI fund and was coupled with a budget request to provide the initial funding.  After two years of work–and near unanimous support in both houses–the policy in SB 625 was incorporated into AB 193, a budget trailer bill that was enacted as part of the 2022-2023 budget.  

Funding for State CDFI Fund

With the leadership of Senator’s Caballero and Limon, CCCI succeeded this year in securing $50M in one-time funding to create and fund the state’s first CDFI fund, the California Innovation and Investment Program over the next several years, the fund will provide grants to CDFIs in CA to help further advance the work of CDFIs and direct additional investment to low-income communities. 

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